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Thursday, March 27, 2014

DIY Wire Patio Table

Yesterday I revealed my infatuation for all the colorful wire patio tables that have arrived in stores this season. I even nearly bought a mis-matched pair I spotted at Home Goods. Fast forward to a couple of days cleaning up the garden and wouldn't you know it, I found myself holding two very sturdy tomato cages that were in good enough condition to eventually become the base for my wire patio table.

I figured I'd ride this idea to its eventual conclusion and either I'd have an inexpensive project that went awry or I'd end up with a custom side table to pair up with our deep patio bench out by the fire bowl. As it turned out, this little table came together just like I wanted it to, with very little effort or money spent. 

One of the things that made this attempt so appealing was that I already had most of the items I needed on hand. My only out of pocket costs were for the table round and mending plates. While I opted for a warm wood stain and a black base, you could just as easily make yours colorful like those I highlighted in yesterday's post by either using a color-coated tomato cage (easily available at most nurseries now) or by changing up the spray paint. Consider painting the table top itself as well and you'll have almost any color combo you want (how 'bout a white top and a mint base or a black top and neon base... so many options!).

Painted or stained, you'll want to give the top a good seal before putting it to use. Wax the top or paint on a good poly to keep water and cup rings at bay. We'll be leaving ours outside year round so I'm planning to seal ours good with a marine grade finish to protect it. 

I'm loving how this little table that came together so quickly plays off all of the black, gray and other wood elements we have going on outdoors. I'm planning on making at least one more to ensure there's always an extra place to set our cocktail down while sitting around the fire. 


sharon smith said...

Very cool! You made a great outdoor table that I loved last summer that you brought to concerts in the park. You have a talent for this one too!

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